03 2020

Information on the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus leads to severe restrictions in both private and business environments. We would like to inform you here about the current situation at SPS electronic.

The health of our employees is our greatest asset. We therefore make every effort to protect our employees from coronavirus disease in the best possible way. The production and supply of our customers is maintained even in this situation. We have been working for weeks to minimize the risk of infection within the company and to ensure the company's ability to function. At the moment the situation is as follows:

  • We have taken measures to avoid endangering the health of our employees. Hygiene rules have been introduced at all sites, external appointments and visits have been prohibited, and meetings have been reduced to a minimum. Two-shift operation has been introduced to ensure that the system functions properly, even in emergencies. The technical requirements for home office are in place, some employees already work from home.
  • All locations of SPS electronic are currently open. 
  • The delivery of our products works without exception. However, delays in delivery must be expected in some cases.

Please understand that we only conduct customer appointments virtually for our joint protection. We therefore ask you to refrain from visiting our locations. As a company SPS electronic has a high duty of care. The health of our employees, partners, customers and fellow human beings has the highest priority.

Let us therefore implement the necessary measures together.

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