Test system for flange sockets

Test system for flange sockets with different number of poles and currents.

Industry: Electrical industry


The biggest challenge was the high variety of flange sockets. These differ in the number of poles (3-, 4-, 5-pole), the current (16 A, 32 A) and the rotation of the contacts. A short set-up time was to be achieved. The test should also be carried out semi-automatically, whereby the switch of the sockets should be operated manually


The short set-up time was achieved using interchangeable adapters that can be exchanged within a few seconds. There is an exchangeable basic support for the switch housing, exchangeable plug adapters, exchangeable terminal adapters and also adapters for the auxiliary switches.
Both the plug adapter and the terminal adapter can be rotated to adapt them to the rotation of the DUT contacts.

All adapters and also the rotation setting are queried via the software so that it is always ensured that the adapters and settings suitable for the selected test program are used. This prevents false tests and damages to the test system. The DUT is automatically contacted and enclosed via a pneumatically closing, split test hood - unintentional contact is thus prevented.

The closing of the hood is secured by a two-hand operation. With the aid of a plastic handle, the switch of the DUT can be operated during the test. This allows the test personnel to evaluate the correct switching during the continuity test by means of a continuous display of the open or closed contacts. Even if the tester holds the plastic handle to the test object during the high-voltage test or touches the test object through the grip hole, it is still protected, since no electrically conductive parts can be touched.

  • Short test time
  • Semi-automatic testing
  • Short set-up time
  • Reduction of operating errors by coding the test adapters
  • High voltage test 100 - 5,500 V AC / 0 - 100 mA
  • Continuity test via visual test
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