12 2016

SPS electronic receives order worth millions from the electro mobility segment

One of the worldwide largest automotive suppliers is relying on SPS electronic’s expertise and its many years of experience in the testing of electric motors.

The customer develops and produces innovative solutions for hybrid drives in electric mobility worldwide. An important and pioneering project is the development of 48-volt hybrid drives. Unlike the current electrical drives the world’s first 48-volt hybrid drives can be integrated in vehicles at low cost and are therefore mainly intended for the serial production of small cars in large quantities. By installing such hybrid drives a considerable reduction of CO² emissions is possible. Especially for densely populated areas this technical innovation is urgently required to reduce air pollution. At the same time car drivers benefit from the familiar advantages of a hybrid: fuel consumption is reduced and the vehicle becomes significantly more economical. The electric drive also supports the combustion engine and ensures a dynamic acceleration process. The new drives will go into production for the first time this year at the French automobile manufacturer Renault.

For the realization of this project SPS electronic convinced as a partner with many years of experience and unique know-how in the testing of electric motors. For more than 36 years the company has been the leading manufacturer of customer–specific test systems in the electrical industry. Due to its manufacturing depth SPS electronic offers the ideal prerequisites for the requirements of the electromechanical series testing – the test technique of the complete line is available from a single source. Already in the past joint projects have successfully been realized thus creating a cooperation built on trust.

For SPS electronic this order is a further step in the future-oriented electro mobility industry in which managing director Sascha Aust sees a lot of room for growth. “Previously cars were uninteresting for SPS electronic because there was no dangerous voltage. Electric cars on the other hand need to be tested thoroughly – not only the car itself but also accessories such as the charging station, batteries, wiring harness etc.“ Due to the increased voltages in the electric car (from now 12 volts up to 800 volts) the requirements for electrical safety and function testing have increased significantly. Those requirements are completely new to the automotive industry but have already been applied by SPS electronic many times.

Thanks to the long-term know-how SPS electronic is able to advise its customers competently the entire way from project planning to acceptance. The comprehensive, worldwide service is controlled by our branch in Twist (Northern Germany) while development and production are mainly carried out at our headquarters. Because of the high capacity we were able to also outsource parts of the production to our Czech branch at Chomutov in recent years. In fact the growth in sales in this business segment is now already in the mid 2-digit range, with a continuing upward trend. This development not only requires an internal preparation of professional profiles for new tasks but also creates numerous new jobs.

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