Double width DUT enclosure with glare protection

This workstation was developed in order to test specialized high power floodlights. LED floodlights are mounted on the ceilings of factories in order to light up entire manufacturing halls. Therefore, the task for this workstation not only required protecting testing personnel from dangerous testing voltages, but also ensuring they were not blinded while completing the test. 

Workstation: Extra wide DUT enclosures

Since a functional test also needed to be completed as part of the testing process, glare protection was required. Due to the extremely high brightness levels involved and the short distance between testing personnel and the test subject, this glare protection needed to be very powerful. Our challenge was to find the best compromise between designing an ergonomic workstation for the relatively long lights, ensuring the necessary level of safety, and providing eye protection. The DUT enclosure pictured here was the result, designed to be double in width and with a specialized coating. To provide the most compact workstation possible, the testing device, switching unit, and PC were integrated directly into the superstructure of the enclosure. We only needed to add a keyboard and a monitor to allow testing to begin in a very small space.

The tester places the floodlight inside the testing area and closes the hood by hand, automatically starting the testing process. The functional test is completed directly after a successfully completed safety test. At the end of the testing process, the tester receives the results and can remove the DUT.

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