Simple DUT enclosure with light curtain

Due to the large quantities involved, we have developed a DUT enclosure with light curtain for testing electronic components. The interior space is designed to accept the maximum number of test products. Products can be inserted and contacted automatically using an integrated adapter.

Workstation: DUT enclosure with light curtain

We have focused specifically on ensuring fast handling time, since very large numbers of products usually need to be tested in companies using three-shift operation. A light curtain ensures the safety of the tester. After the products are inserted, the light curtain is activated by pressing a button, and the test starts immediately. After the test, the results are displayed on the screen. The light curtain is automatically deactivated, ensuring that the products can be removed quickly. With typically available DUT enclosures, cages need to be opened and closed manually or automatically, causing operators to lose time during handling.

The testing station is designed so that it can be installed on an adjustable height work table, always ensuring the best working height for the tester – no matter their size. The installed keyboard and display can be used to comfortably control the test process and read off test results. The wiring for the adapter and all other components is integrated into the base of the DUT enclosure, so that the enclosure can be connected to a test system via a connecting cable.

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