DUT enclosure with adapter on carriage

In this example, a DUT enclosure with an angled trap door was developed to test submersible pumps. Since the submersible pumps also needed to be subjected to a leak test and functional test in addition to the safety test, they needed more complex contactors. Due to the relatively high weight of the DUT, an adapter on a transport carriage was selected as an addition to the trap door. 

Workstation: DUT enclosure with trap door

The testing system automatically controls the trap door and the carriage. Users extend the carriage, place the product on top, and contact it. They then push the transport carriage into the testing area using the smooth-running slides. After pressing a button, the trap door automatically moves down, starting the testing process. After all tests have been completed successfully, the trap door opens once again and the carriage is dispensed automatically. The DUT can be removed and exchanged for the next test subject.

Besides outstanding ergonomic features, this workstation also provides outstanding flexibility: It is mobile, and all testing devices and control elements are integrated into its base. This means that it can be used in a wide variety of manufacturing areas, depending on customer needs.

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