Safety test system for solar inverters

EOL safety test system for solar inverters with fully automatic contacting before endurance tests.

Industry: Solar industry


The inverters are to be tested at the end of production and before the endurance test as to their safety. The test as well as the contacting is to be made fully automatically to achieve a short test time. In doing so it was not enough to contact at the input or output but the possibility had to be created of testing the various points on the boards of the DUT against each other. Additionally it should be possible to test different DUT variants with the same test system.

The system has to be integrated into the production line so that the inverters can be easily inserted and can be tested directly on the workpiece carrier.


The system was designed as a test portal installed above the production line.This way the DUT can be pushed comfortably under the DUT enclosure. Then only the enclosure has to be closed by operating the 2-hand-control.

With the contact plate on which numerous contact pins are placed the individual boards of the inverter are automatically contacted after the closing of the DUT enclosure. By means of the floating bearing also mechanical tolerances of the production are compensated. Various tests can be carried out via a freely interconnectable matrix.

The complete contact plate can be easily and quickly exchanged via a change-over adapter to adapt the system to other types of DUT.

  • Short test time due to fully automatic contacting
  • Comfortable DUT exchange by integration into the production line
  • Flexible tests due to a freely interconnectable matrix with 10 points
  • Short set-up time due to a change-over adapter
  • Four-wire hipot test up to 4 kV DC
  • Insulation test up to 4 kV DC
  • Ground bond conductor test up to 30 A
  • Continuity test
  • Freely interconnectable matrix with 10 points
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