Test system for soldering irons

Test system for soldering irons and soldering stations for mobile use in production.

Industry: Electrical industry


Soldering irons and soldering stations with several hundred watts of power are developing into increasingly complex devices. In order to ensure consistent quality, these must be tested for safety and function after production. Since the customer has a large number of different products, a contacting unit that is as fl exible as possible is required. The voltage supply of the different test objects should be provided by the test system.


The turnkey test system consists of the test technology, PC technology with software and DUT fixture. By using a mobile test table, a maximum flexibility in the production of the customer could be guaranteed.

A pneumatic contacting unit as well as a contact plate guarantee the contacting of different DUT without any modification of the system. After actuating the 2-hand operation, the high voltage test starts fully automatically.

The freely programmable compact tester KT 1886 provides all safety and function tests. A fully electronic, programmable source supplies the DUT with all voltages and frequencies known worldwide.

  • Programmable electronic source 50 – 260 V AC / DC max. 13 A AC
  • Long operating time and service-friendly design
  • Parameters and settings can be changed at any time via the softwarey
  • Workplace safety according to EN 50191
  • Short cycle times with safety current-limited testing technology
  • Simple, intuitive operation for trained personnel
  • The DUT only needs to be connected once, then the rest of the test sequence is automatic
  • In network operation, all test data is automatically stored at the desired location / database
  • Ground bond test AC 0 – 30 A
  • High voltage test AC 100 – 5,500 V
  • High voltage test DC 100 – 6,000 V
  • Continuity test 24 V DC / 600 mA
  • Insulation test DC 100 – 6,000 V

Function test

  • Current 0 – 13 A
  • Voltage 0 – 270 V
  • Power 0 – 4,000 W
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