Hipot tester HA 1885G

Type of device
Slide-in 19" / 5 HU

High voltage AC: Voltage range
100 – 5,500 V

High voltage AC: Current range
0 – 100 mA

ARC Detection (optional)
0 – 100%

A topnotch and state-of-the-art hipot tester. The ultramodern HA 1885G allows the standardized testing of electrical equipment of protection classes I and II. Your production runs smoothly with the ultramodern hipot tester HA 1885G. It is ideal for quick, inexpensive and comfortable hipot tests by national and international standards (IEC, EN, UL, VDE etc.)

Modern – efficient – intuitive

The HA 1885G provides maximum comfort and ease of use through the 10.1" color touchscreen built-in by default. The simple and clear instructions on the touchscreen allow more intuitive and efficient handling.

Individual tests can easily be carried out, or a fully automatic test plan can also be created using the customizable test programs. Thanks to the numerous interfaces, you will be spoiled for choice in terms of the control: be it via USB, Ethernet / LAN, RS 232 or 24 V interface - the HA 1885G adapts to you and not vice versa!

Ready to use anytime and anywhere

The HA 1885G features a fully electronic generator, which provides more accurate and faster testing. The device is also independent of the mains supply. Be it 120 V / 60Hz in the US or 220 V / 50 Hz in China - the HA 1885G can readily be used anywhere in the world!

All of these and much more!

According to many international standards, the HA 1885G has a power of over 500 VA at a short-circuit current of 100 mA / 200 mA. With the help of our comfortable PC software, the device can not only be controlled remotely, but it can also be extended by additional features and test steps. HA 1885G has virtually unlimited storage that allows easy documentation of test results and individual test programs.

With its classic size of 19'' / 5 HU, HA 1885G is ideally suited for direct integration into a system cabinet. With the slide-in enclosure available as an accessory, it can also be easily used as a desktop device. It can also be operated here directly via the network without an additional PC.

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  • The ultramodern hipot tester (testing of the electrical insulation properties and the dielectric strength of electrical equipment of protection classes I and II)
  • In accordance with national and international standards (IEC, EN, UL, VDE etc.)
  • 500 VA / 200 mA / 100 mA
  • 10.1" color touchscreen
  • Freely configurable, fully automatic test plan (individual tests are also possible)
  • Fully electronic generator
  • Independent of the mains supply and thus, usable worldwide
  • PC software for remote control of the device and for extending the features and test steps
  • CE-conform
  • 4 GB internal memory, upgradeable to 64 GB
  • Desktop device or installation in 19” cabinets
  • USB, Ethernet / LAN, RS 232 and 24 V-interface
  • Connection for test probes to the front and rear panels, additional rear port for system operation
  • Can be operated via the network without additional PC


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