Hipot tester HA 3600D

Type of device
Desktop device 14‘‘ / 3 HU

High voltage AC: Voltage range
0 – 2,500 V / 0 – 5,000 V

High voltage AC: Current range
0 – 100 mA

The hipot tester HA 3600D is reduced to the most important features and thus, a real classic. It is ideal for quick, inexpensive and easy safety tests by national and international standards (IEC, EN, UL, VDE etc.).

Classic - uncomplicated - tried and tested

HA 3600D offers simple operation through the analogue display instruments for voltage and current. Using a rotary knob, the test voltage can be quickly and easily set. The test can be started via the test pistols or the 24 V interface; a visual and an audible alarm are activated. The test result PASS / FAIL can be queried via the 24 V interface.

For especially exciting tasks

According to many international standards, the HA 3600D has a power of over 500 VA at a short-circuit current of 100 mA / 200 mA. The device is CE-conform for use according to EN 50191.

With an ergonomic housing, the portable HA 3600D is ideal as a portable desktop device.

  • Classic hipot tester
  • In accordance with national and international standards (IEC, EN, UL, VDE etc.)
  • Analogue display for voltage and current
  • Setting the test voltage using a rotary knob
  • Setting the tripping current on the front panel
  • Starting the test using test probes or 24 V interface
  • 500 VA / 200 mA / 100 mA
  • CE-conform for use according to EN 50191
  • Portable desktop device
  • Connection to the front panel using test probes


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