Tandem DUT Enclosures

With two equal sized test areas. Optimal for DUT with similar testing and handling time.

DUT enclosures are particularly well-suited for test station set-ups, for which automatic protection against accidental contact is required. The test enclosures prevents contact with the DUT during the generation of dangerous voltages. Once the DUT enclosure is opened, there is a forced shutdown of the dangerous voltage.

Tandem DUT enclosures are particularly suitable for high quantities and DUT with similar testing and handling time.


  TK 6000A
TK 7000A
Device compartment 2 x 19" / 3 HU -
Dimensions (HxWxD)
- External dimensions
- Max. Dimensions of the DUT

29.1 x 47.2 x 35.8 in.
15.7 x 22.4 x 22.8 in.

25.9 x 42.1 x 39.4 in.
17.7 x 19.7 x 26.8 in.
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