High Voltage Components

Everything you need for working with high voltages.

When voltages above 230 V / 400 V need to be processed, suitable components and building parts need to be used. It is often difficult and expensive however to find suitable parts for high voltage technology. For that reason, we have developed important components and accessories such as high voltage relays, high voltage connectors and high voltage cables ourselves. With the high voltage components by SPS electronic you are ideally positioned in the field of electrical safety testing.

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For switching high voltages, high currents and high frequencies.

Relays are needed everywhere in technology. It is especially difficult to find suitable switches when frequencies, voltages and currents lie beyond the typical levels. That is why SPS electronic offers special relays for this use. Nearly 4 decades of experience in hipot technology form the basis for the development of our products.

High voltage relays

For switching high voltages in connection with high currents.

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High frequency relays

For switching high frequencies in connection with high voltages and high currents.

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