With the ARC-Detection it is possible to detect early micro-discharges in a part of the insulation. These micro-discharges cannot be detected with a hipot test. Over the course of time the micro-discharges weaken the insulation system and a disruptive breakdown can be caused. This can partly take up to several years but can also occur within a few days. 

With the ARC-Detection you check the insulation quality of your products. In conjunction with our hipot test devices the ARC-Detection can be performed with the AC hipot test. Admittedly alone with the AC hipot test insulation weaknesses can be detected with high voltages but by means of the ARC-Detection an error is definitely detected. Therefore we recommend its performance together with the AC hipot test.

The company SPS electronic offers the ARC-Detection in various hipot test devices. Depending on the application you can for example use a hipot test device of series HA 1805. 

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