Coil Short Test

A coil short is the name for a defect in wound materials like coils, stators, transformers, etc. in which wire windings normally separated from one another by an insulation film are in electrical contact with one another. This kind of coil short can cause errors in processing the insulated winding wires, or can cause excessive thermal loads during operation. Depending on the product, the winding insulation can also be damaged by partial discharges. Heat may build up at the location of the coil short within the wound material, which can cause a total failure of the product.

In this case, a surge voltage test is the ideal testing method to detect this problem within a winding. There is no other testing method able to provide similarly qualified results on the quality of a winding system. With coil tests performed with a surge voltage testing device by SPS electronic, you can discover these kinds of insulation problems even during production, and avoid failures.

We offer a variety of solutions for this purpose: Besides the portable ST 1800B (simple surge voltage testing device), our comprehensive product range also includes surge testers in the ST 6000 series and ST 8000 series which combine multiple tests.

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