Electrical safety testing

The main goal of the electrical safety test is the safe use of electrical appliances and equipment. This safety test is regulated in the Ordinance of Industrial Safety and Health and the Medical Devices Act as well as the accident prevention regulations. It is mandatory for the manufacturer and the operators of electrical equipment.

The regulations for the tests are regulated in Germany within the VDE standards and globally in the EN standards and IEC standards. Often errors in electrical equipment result in fires, explosions and injuries from electric shock as a result of malfunction of this manufacturing equipment. Most users are not aware of the fact that each and every – even the smallest – part of an electrical equipment can cause serious accidents. Of course, accidents cannot be completely ruled out by a regular safety test but they can be limited to an acceptable level. A distinction is made between four types of tests:

  1. With the type test a product conformity test is performed on one or more representative samples from production. Type tests are carried out by test institutes or manufacturers to ensure the adherence to the standards. These tests are stringent and include safety, EMC, function, climatic tests and more. 
  2. The serial testing (production end test) is performed by the manufacturer to ensure that each of the manufactured products is working properly and safely. Each component of the electrical equipment must be subjected to this test. 
  3. A repeat test (periodic testing) is performed to determine if the manufacturing equipment is in a satisfactory condition. This is handled in Germany by the DGUV Rule 3 (BGVA 3, VDE 0701). This test is carried out by the operator of the electrical equipment or a test laboratory. 
  4. Maintenance tests after a repair are tests performed on a single piece to ensure that the function and safety are ensured after a repair. This was formerly regulated in Germany by VDE 0702. 

For more nearly 40 years SPS electronic offers devices for the electrical safety testing according to VDE, EN, IEC, UL etc. Today SPS electronic represents the whole world of safety testing in accordance with German quality standards. With our multi function testers you are optimally equipped to ensure the safety of your products.

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