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Very often the word “hipot tester“ is mentioned in connection with the high voltage test. The "hipot tester" is the short form of "high potential tester" and is mainly used in the international language. Often this English term is even more common than the expression "high voltage tester" literally translated from German. Another common term is also the expression "dielectric withstand tester". All of these mentioned terms describe testers which perform a high voltage test.

The hipot test – not to be confused with the insulation resistance measurement

The hipot test (high voltage test) is used in electrical engineering to ensure the insulation strength of electrical equipment. Therefore it must not be confused with the insulation resistance measurement (insulation test).

In hipot testing it is checked if the insulation of a product has the by standard required insulation strength. Determined thereby is whether the insulation of the current-carrying conductor and the safety distance to the device is in order. The hipot test is always carried out with higher voltages than the operation voltages occurring during normal operation. The test voltage may be both an alternative and a direct voltage and is typically in the range of a few kV.

Hipot testers made by SPS electronic

SPS electronic offers a variety of different hipot testers. In addition to the single test devices you will also find multi function testers in our extensive product range, i.e. devices combining several types of tests together.

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