Test verification box

A test verification box is used to complete regular and recurrent evaluations of a testing device or testing system. The operator of the electrical testing device is responsible for ensuring that the devices or systems used are subject to regular functional tests. These must be completed at regular intervals – preferably daily. The test verification box is a kind of “pseudo-test” used to simulate errors, in order to determine whether these can be recognized by the testing device. The test box is connected to the testing machine for this purpose instead of the test specimen, and the good or error specimen is then simulated.

Only with regular verification testing can operators assume that testing devices are functioning properly, ensuring both the quality and safety of their products for the final customer. This is why SPS electronic recommends using a test verification box daily.

You can find test boxes for all of our devices in our product range. Upon request, we will be happy to send you a customized test box to meet your needs. A test verification box may be an original test specimen as well, for instance, which has been modified with the resistances required to simulate an error which the testing device should be able to recognize.

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